The Artane School of Music

  • Violin Lessons at Artane
  • Junior and Leaving Certificate Music
  • Associated Board Exams
  • Guitar lessons at Artane
  • Wind and Brass lessons
  • Percussion & kit lessons
  • Music Theory
  • The Introduction to Music/Recorder Group
  • Join The Choir!!



The Artane School of Music should be your first point of call if you are looking  for music lessons for your child- no matter what the instrument!  Here in Artane we have the facilities, tutors and expertise to ensure that your child learns in a safe and supportive environment. 

All of our tutors are professional musicians of the highest professional standards and qualifications. The Artane School of Music is recognised as a centre of excellence in music tuition and performance, and is also unique in offering major performance  opportunities to students through the Artane Band.  The Artane School of Music still  firmly believes  in giving every child the opportunity to learn an instrument without having to go to the expense of purchasing one. It is a community based school, firmly planted in an easily accessible location in north Dublin. It has, over the years, produced many fine musicians, and for those who have attended the school, who do not go on to become professional musicians, an appreciation and life-long love of music has been fostered. The Artane School of Music offers a large  range of musical opportunities to both boys and girls in the Artane area, and the Artane School of Music is now recognised as a centre of excellence in music tuition and performance. It is also a centre for Junior and Leaving Certificate music studies and Associated Board (ABRSM) exams. If you would like your child to learn an instrument and play in the famous blue and scarlet, or purely just to learn an instrument for its own sake, you will find everything you require in Artane.