Junior Certificate Music

Junior and Leaving Certificate Music

Junior and Leaving Certificate Music

When Schools and Colleges around the country are paring back on valuable resources the provision of music as a subject often suffers. In the Artane School of Music we are happy to provide both Junior and Leaving Certificate Music to students who may not be able to study the subject in their own school, or those who wish to take music as an extra subject, particularly at Leaving Certificate level.

The Syllabus laid down by The Department of Education is covered in a ninety minute class each week. The course is presented by Mr Tony Doherty, a fully qualified secondary school teacher and highly experienced state examiner.

On a wider educational level the link between music and higher educational attainment has been long known. It is also essential in developing the aural skills of students which has implications for learning languages.The social side of the student is developed through                                                                                                 playing for and with others, developing teamwork, and an appreciation of the efforts of others.

Please contact info@artanemusic.ie or phone 01-8318929