About the Artane Band

“You cannot judge these children as children –  you must judge them as musicians – and what fine musicians they are” Arthur Fiedler

The Artane Band are the flagship of the Artane School of Music

The Artane Band have been in existence since 1872, and to date; have played for every President and Taoiseach of Ireland, three Presidents of the United States,  three Kings and Queens of the United Kingdom,as well as many other heads of state, in their long history. They have a unique and long standing  relationship with the GAA and are a well known feature of all Ireland Sundays. The Artane Band are perhaps best known for their appearances in Croke park; but are now equally well known as concert and ensemble players of the highest regard. The Artane School of Music takes great pride in the development of the skills, knowledge and technical ability required to reach the highest level of performance achievable by our young students.

Our students are known and recognised as confident, disciplined, and professional young musicians. This is achieved through:

  1. Building a lifelong love of music in a friendly and supportive environment
  2. Building on the student’s potential
  3. Building the opportunities to excel in a chosen instrument
  4. Building self confidence and belief in the student’s own abilities
  5. Building the team environment to excel in group performance
  6. Building the knowledge and skills necessary to grow and develop in music for a lifetimes enjoyment
  7. Building character, responsibility and active civic engagement through a spirit of volunteerism

Playing in an ensemble encourages teamwork, and encourages a positive image of self. All our students are trained in the art of performance, and all band rehearsals and sectional (wind, brass & percussion) training  is carried out in a highly professional manner under the guidance of some of Ireland’s best known orchestral players. The Artane School of Music is unique in offering as part of tuition the opportunity to regularly play in public.The working role of the Artane Band consists of performances on several levels.

Official Engagements

Of course their most famous role is during  the football and hurling season, where  the band takes on their most familiar identity as a marching band-where they perform the official salutes, the national anthem and entertain thousands of fans at matches in Croke park and throughout Ireland. If you would like to see the Artane Band performing on the very historic occasion of the visit of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to Croke Park-please view our youtube video

All Music tuition and performance is carried out under under the supervision of Director Mr Ronan O’Reilly