Alumni Testimonials


Hollywood Director Gary Shore

Gary Shore | Hollywood Director



My formative years in the Artane School of Music was the greatest creative endeavor of my life, and all before I turned 16! Music as a storytelling tool makes up 50% of what I do on a daily basis and I can’t imagine where I’d be had I not those years to learn about craft, dedication and commitment from a handful of masters. I am forever indebted to the school for making me the filmmaker I am today, and hopefully will be tomorrow.






Liam Day | Captain, Irish and Australian Defence Forces Bands


Captain Liam Day


This Band, The Artane Band, I would listen to as a child, as their magical sounds wafted across our housing estate as they rehearsed for Croke Park. I want to join This Band I said to Frank Duff as we played football on the street. We did join This Band. This Band gave more than could ever have been imagined. This Band gave me a wonderful musical education. This Band gave me more opportunities to travel, play and meet so many people across Ireland and abroad. This Band nurtured a great sense of pride for the community of Artane. This Band gave me long life friends. This Band gave me a love of music that was the foundation of my musical career conducting both Irish and Australian Army Bands and countless community bands across this land. I want to thank This Band, and all involved in it past and present for presenting me an amazing musical journey that I still travel today. Thank you Artane.


Rónán Ó’Braonáin | Senior Engineer of Future Projects at Apple


Rónán Ó’Braonáin | Senior Engineer of Future Projects at Apple



A few words cannot do justice to what “The Band” did for my personal development as a young teenager. The memories, the experiences, the education, and the lifelong friendships: all of these shaped who I am today and will remain with me for life. What an incredible organisation. Thank you, Artane.








Sergeant Niall Phelan |An Garda Siochana





I am proud to have been a member of the Artane Boys Band 1986-1997, an association I continued into adulthood as a member of the Artane Senior Band and a former member of the Board of Management of the Artane School of Music.

My childhood in Artane was a happy one, I share many positive stories, memories and was blessed to have been afforded many great opportunities through my membership of the Band. I made many life long friends who I count among my closest and most trusted confidants.

Artane gave me tremendous grounding in life and instilled within me a strong sense of character, discipline, comradeship and leadership, as well as a deep appreciation and love of music and musicianship.

I owe Artane and people like the late, great, Mr. Joe Lynch, a strong debt of gratitude for helping to build the foundation for the person I am today.

Thank you Artane.